Wills & Estates

Although death or incapacity are not subjects most people wish to discuss, planning for the future is something we should all do, before it is too late.

Wills and powers of attorney are two vehicles for ensuring your property, family and children are protected.

Naturally, you want security for your family, in a plan that fits your unique circumstances.

Assessing Your Goals

We take the time to thoroughly and properly assess your goals, your values, and wishes, while together determining the best arrangement for your situation.

We will carefully, and with sensitivity, help you review your case by considering your assets, property, and future needs, so you can rest assured knowing that your affairs are being well looked after long after death or incapacity.

With powers of attorney, we’ll help make sure that the right decisions are made, when, for whatever reason, you are no longer able to make them.

Providing Peace of Mind

Everybody wants peace of mind in the years and decades to come, for their kin and closest family.These are important matters that cannot be left to chance. A relatively small investment of time, and relatively small financial investment, can save you and your family a world of problems in the future.

SST Law has both the experience and empathy it takes to tackle the intricacies of wills and estates, including: individual wills, mutual wills, powers of attorney (for property and for personal care), health care directives, survivorship and transmission applications.

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(For one person) $750.00 for individual wills (including 2 powers of attorney [property and health care]) + HST

(For two people/married couple) $1150.00 for mutual wills (including 2 powers of attorney [property and health care] per person) + HST

(For one person) $950.00 for individual wills (including 2 powers of attorney [property and health care]) + one corporate will (includes 1 corporate power of attorney for property) + HST

(For two people/married couple) $1350.00 for mutual wills (including 2 powers of attorney [property and health care] per person) + two corporate wills (includes 2 corporate powers of attorney for property per person) + HST

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