Real Estate Law

Whether purchasing, selling or re-financing, we understand that each deal is unique, and requires a skilled lawyer that can help you navigate through the process.

We take the time to explain to clients the nuances and the details, in ways they can understand.

We have the experience it takes in the re-sale of homes, condominiums (purchaser or vendor), commercial buildings/properties, transfer of title, re-finance transactions or commercial leases.

Residential Real Estate Law

We know this is often the single most important purchase of a person’s life.
It’s a highly significant, sometimes long-term investment that can require a thorough analysis of many fine points before signing on the dotted line.

You want a worry-free and efficient transaction, knowing that someone’s there to avert any possibility of potential problems down the road.

We therefore take great pride and care in guiding you in every step of the transaction. It’s that personalized – and precise – service that makes us stand out.

Commercial Real Estate Law

If you are a business owner looking to buy a commercial space or currently own a commercial space, it is important that your interests are protected.

We ensure proper searches are conducted, and that we ask the correct questions to ensure your transaction goes smoothly, so that all is needed of you is to focus on your business.

Because we have dealt with properties of all size ranges, we recognize that there are numerous factors to take into account. We’re there to ensure that your legal, financial and long term interests are looked after, and looked after well.

Helpful Resources

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Residential Real Estate Transactions:

*Purchase -$1,399.99 + HST + disbursements**

*Sale – $1,299.99 + HST + disbursements **

*Re-Finance Transactions – *$1,399.99 + HST + disbursements **

Private Lending – $2,000.00 + HST + disbursements (paid by borrower)

Commercial Real Estate Transactions – starting at $3,000 + HST + disbursements**

Transfer of Title – $750 + HST + disbursements

Occupancy Closing (for new construction condos) – $799.99 + HST + disbursements

*Assignment Closings (for new construction properties) $999.99 + HST + disbursements

Drafting of Private Sale Agreement $999.99 + HST

*add $100.00 per transaction per conventional mortgage or debt payout
**fee subject to change based on lender or conditions of lender
Real Estate Lawyer