Family Law

Whether it is a separation or divorce, or having pre-nuptials drafted and tailored to your unique circumstances, it is a delicate conversation and a delicate matter.

We understand that you require a compassionate lending ear, and an advocate that is concerned with helping you resolve your issues as expeditiously as possible, to minimize your costs and emotional strife, so that you can move forward again.

And so, with a professional and sensitive approach, we can help you make decisions beneficial to you with respect to assets, support, custody and other important issues.

We also encourage our clients to work collaboratively with the other party, without compromising their rights, and still obtaining assertive representation.


$300 – initial consultation

Cohabitation Agreement/Pre-Nuptial Agreement – $1000 + HST

Simple Divorce – $1000 + HST + disbursements

$300/hr – for ongoing matter